This is my fourth attempt at blogging, I think… The first one was a quite active, at least in the beginning, blog on video games running from 2005 to 2009 - called “gglob”, yes “gglob”. Catchy! (I wonder what the waybackmachine has to say about this. (Aha!: 2005 and 2009 (I could have sworn the layout looked better back then…)) The second one was a blog/cms-thingy on music making - running from 2006ish to 2009ish. (Not much on the waybackmachine on that one.) The third one was started mid 2010, is still going strong, and is a hidden, collaborative (co-authored with my better half) blog about the life of our son.

This one will be about code, hacks, life, music, the universe, and everything. I hope. Basically I’ll try to write up solutions to problems I encounter so that I won’t have to solve them again (from scratch at least). And maybe others can benefit as well. Who knows.

Anyway, “Velkommen”.