Beach House @ L'Epicérie I figured I should give the XCOM demo another shot tonight, attempting what I thought was another level - since the game lets you choose to do either a mission in the US or China.

Turned out to be the same level. Only skinned slightly differently. Fair enough. Also, I thought I could change the difficulty level, but alas, no. (Afterwards I found a guide on how to do it though: (Not that I have tested it…))

Also, I figured I would try to capture one of the ~Sid M~ Thin Men alive. (Since the cute German scientist asked me nicely, but I just fragged them to smithereens last playthrough.) If I understand well, this is not possible in the demo, due to lack of things to stun things.

Anyway - after two play-throughs I’m looking even more forward to the full game. Excellent. (If only it was delivered with a fair dose of time.)