This year's Spiel in Essen will be a bit amputated for me unfortunately. Even more important to arrive prepared! So, I made a list. Maybe it can be of interest for others. Who knows. (A BGG Geek List with the same info:

Main Releases

This year's Friedeman Friese seems fascinating. "504 is a game that creates 504 different games out of one box.", they say, but will any of them be worth our time (and shelf space (and money))?

7 Wonders: Duel
Antoine Bauza teams up with Bruno Cathala to revisit "7 Wonders" as a two player game with intriguing drafting mechanics inspired by... pyramid solitaire.

Splendor is one of my favourite games from last year. Marc André is back with a seemingly (slightly) heavier game.

Coop Ghost Murder Mystery Dixit! (Technically it was at Essen last year, but only in Polish.)

This year's Martin Wallace (A Study In Emerald, A Few Acres of Snow, Mythotopia...)

Probably too heavy to get much play time these days, but it sounds intriguing.

Inhabit the Earth

The Gallerist

Steam Works
Steampunk worker placement game.

Favor of the Pharaoh
A new dice game from Tom Lehman. (Roll for the Galaxy, etc.)

Above and Below
The new Ryan Laukat sounds intriguing. City building meets story telling... (Not entirely sure this will be presented at Essen, but LudoVox seems to think so... )

Dice City
"Dice crafting"?

Flip City
Deckbuilding meets Minivilles? Push your luck with a card flipping gimmick... Why not?

Small City
Another mayor-sim?

My Village
Dice-version of Village.

Pandemic Legacy
Pandemic. Legacy.

The new game from Stonemaier Games. (Viticulture w/Tuscany, Euphoria, Between two Cities...)

Third game in the series that started with the excellent Trains. A bag-builder. My collection could do with a bag builder...

Cthulhu Realms
Star Realms meets Lovecraft? This must be tried.

Tides of Time
Another two player drafting game... in a small box. From Portal Games.

Another take on the Dixit association party game sub genre? From a fascinating designer. Why not?


Dino Twist
To call it "6 nimmt" with donosaur theme would be unfair, but I had a quick introduction to this game at the Octogônes fair in Lyon this weekend and I am looking forward to try it for real.

Games released earlier in 2015 that might be playable

New York 1901
The new Ticket Ride? (Supposedly a great gateway game.)

The Voyages of Marco Polo
Great reviews.

Dominoes with cavemen-theme? Made in Lyon, but I haven't tested it yet... (A video: )


Suburbia 5★
Suburbia! (Along wiht the "Con Tiles" promo?)

Nations: Dynasties
I wouldn't mind revisiting Nations, and why not including an expansion.

Port Royal: Ein Auftrag geht noch...
Port Royal expension pack. Interesting.

Already Kickstarted

I have kickstarted a couple of games that might be demoed this year.

From the makers of Star Realms.

Between Two Cities
Stonemaier Games' first game from external designers. A fascinating take on drafting. Casual 20 minutes game for 1-7 players.

Black Hat
Played this at Essen last year. Excellent take on trick taking.

Things that have excaped me in earlier year(s) that I would like to try

Roll for the Galaxy
This was missing at last year's Messe, but it has an expansion out this year, so I hope they demo it somewhere... (

Castles of Mad King Ludwig
Didn't prioritize this last year as I thought it was too close to the Suburbia that I already have in my collection... Expansion coming out, so it might be fun to try -- if possible. (

Colt Express
Spiel des Jahres 2015, didn't prioritize it last year. Expansion out. Hope to test it. (

Russian Railroads
Yet another much raved about game that I missed last year that has an expension coming out. (

With the new Salsa-expansion coming out maybe this will be demoed?

New expansion... etc. (


(Photos by myself taken at previous Essen trips.)