I haven't been able to participate too much in @truecuckoo's excellent #jamuary2017, sadly. (Even though I have a close to a million of quirky drafts on various tapes from my OP-1. (It's amazing how it's such an idea generator that instead of finishing something it is way easier to just get a new idea and start following that instead. (I'll have to find a way around that one day. (But I digress.)))) This time I sat down in front of Cubase and started playing around with some new soft synths I haven't tested too much before -- Xpand2, SynthMaster, and the Kontakt library Solid State Symphony. I ended up with this stadium pop thing here. With @simsmi we will probably rearrange it and add some lyrics (on "Alternative Facts"!) and record a @1bisHill version one day, methinks. But, for now, since this is a weekend for finishing things, this is what it is -- a pompous cliché-ridden thing with the catchy name of "Jamuary2017 #29". Enjoy.
In order of appearance:
Xpand2, SynthMaster, Kontakt drums, Solid State Symphony, Fender Jazzmaster through GuitarRig 5.